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What to do this Month - October


  1. Plant out spring cabbages if not already done. Remember to net them for protection from pigeons.
  2. Finish planting autumn onion sets for a crop in early to mid-summer next year.
  3. Green manures can still be sown until the middle of the month.
  4. Plant garlic cloves.
  5. Cut back asparagus foliage if not already done last month. Take care of the spines, and give the plants some mulch afterwards.


  1. Plant cranberries and lingonberries.
  2. Take cuttings of blueberries, currants and gooseberries and dig up rooted layers of black- and hybrid berries.


  1. Check stored apples regularly for rotting fruit and remove.
  2. Remove all plant debris from the vegetable patch or allotment, to reduce the spread and the overwintering of disease and pests.
  3. Flea beetle can still be a problem until the end of October.
  4. Keep an eye on Brussels sprouts, removing yellowing leaves to prevent grey mould from becoming troublesome.

These tips have been taken from the Royal Horticultural Society, Grow your own section. Full details can be seen at

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The benefits of having an allotment

There are lots of reasons to have an allotment.

  • Get a great sense of achievement from growing your own food
  • Have a healthier diet
  • Access to a cheap source and variety of fresh fruit and vegetables
  • Can make you healthier, provide good exercise, help reduce your stress and blood pressure
  • Your food will have less contact with pesticides etc if you grow organically and generally tastes better than shop bought
  • An opportunity to spend time outside enjoying nature
  • It will increase your general well-being and give your mind something positive to focus on
  • A chance to escape the pressures of modern living
  • The opportunity to learn something new
  • Get a sense of community spirit and the opportunity to meet people from all walks of life in Hook making new friends and contacts
  • Finally, if you have children, it is great thing to do with them and show them where food comes from.


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Here is a selection of the comments we've received:

"A fantastic achievement.
Congratulations to Pete and the team."
Antony Hunter, Hook Parish Council

"Brilliant. Good Luck... I am delighted that this piece of land will be used to great advantage by members of the Hook Allotments Association and that there will be a covenant in place preventing any sale to developers.." Jonathan Glen, Hampshire/ Hart Councillor.

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